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Friday, August 5, 2011

Accusations, Assumptions, Assinine qualities.

A Poem I found that truely represents my week. Geesh, I thought I was out of High School. Apparentley, mentally I am older then this person and know right from wrong, though they are old enough to be my mother. I'm glad my mother taught me to always treat people with respect, and never to judge. Something that I have and will instill in my girls. Bullys come in all sizes, young and small. I for one never accepted that behavior. I have always been for equality and fairness, and will stand up to anyone promoting otherwise. There is never a reason for bullying, of the verbal or physical kind. If you are going to fight with someone, do it right. Meaning: to come to an agreement, to argue your sides, to hear the other person correctly. Fighting with someone to purposely hurt, enrage, knock down, in the fit of jealousy and envy will surely leave you alone in the dark.

Jealousy winds are blowing higher,
Spreading a contemptible fire
Where sinners cast the first stone,

Leaving them empty and alone.

Their imaginations running wild,
Rumoring like a scarred child.
Self imposed morality,
Loses sight of truth and reality.

Spreading falsehoods, altering truth into lies,
Blackhearts not relenting until the innocent cry.
Bringing forth the non-existing proof,
Accusers left in the shadow of untruth.

Producing mischief from the heart of their life.
Gaining pleasure from anothers strife.
Hoping to redeem the improprieties of their past,
Only to find an ill conceived victory will never last.