#1 at the Box Office

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wow. Time can mean a lot of things. How little, slow, fast, or long. 


The whole time I was pregnant with Harlow, I thought to myself, "come- let's slow down. Enjoy it. Make it last." Yeah, fat chance. That biscuit went by with a blink of an eye + 1.5 years. Let's see... In that time since she was born we got a dog, gave the dog back. Totally not like us- but when the seniors can't accept the pup.. TIME to move on. Traded in the breaking down SUV for a pretty new SUV. Job change for HIM, job addition for me (because MOM is a J-O-B! Can I get an AMEN?!). Also with his new career within the AF we get a new home, new state. WHEW! Did you get windblown? 

I wish way back when, I had thought that I could do what I am doing now. I think it all started when I turned 12. My mom and step dad got me this awesome cake that looked like a deep dish pizza. And not corny looking either, like they had used play dough shape cutters to make it. No, it was hand cut surpreme pizza, airbrush painted and all (the crust looked SO REAL!). From then I've always admired beautiful, simple, or complicated tasty cakes and cupcakes. I'm just winging it, going with my gut feeling. I've never taken a class, I am a hungry beginner. If  I really am stumped I call a friend or utilize GOOGLE. And it's all fun to me. Making something, and pleasing someone at the same time just feels fantastic. I hope I can continue to make people smile for a long TIME. 

So with HIS new job, he's been gone for training for 13 weeks. We have 7.5 weeks left until he walks through the front door. Gee, we're not counting or anything.. Yes, I said WEEKS. It was basically like another deployment. Which our total for that is 3 (6.5 months/each) deployments, plus 1 year to South Korea, and now this 5.5 month TDY (temporary duty). ALL IN UNDER 9.5 YEARS. That's like what, 3 years TIME gone total? Poor guy. Poor us. Proud us of him. 
So what does our future hold? That is what I ponder. DID YOU KNOW that each of us are born in a different state? DID YOU KNOW we are moving to a NEW state we've never lived in before? It's like a sign from God. We've contemplated having a fourth child. 3 girls..It's been fun, but I'd like a swing at a different type of fun. Maybe I'll luck out and the last will be a boy just like what happened with his and my mom. If not, I sure do have a lot of girls clothes and I will have lots of fun planning weddings. OH JOY!!! What's the phrase? Thank heaven for little girls. So sweet.. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. As always, my life is in your hands Lord. So are you still stuck at "she's having another?!" CONS- there are none in my mind, so shut yo pie hole. PROS- well, it will be: Even numbered, everyone will have a riding partner on the roller coasters, one for each of my and CJ's arms, and I did say I wanted to stop at 30. Harlow was born at 28.  So I've got TIME. 
So there is 2 years in the blink of an eye. Or...however long it took you to read this. I hope to keep up with this. I enjoy it, and hope you do too. Arnold shares my sentiment. I'll be back..

~COurtney COles~