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Monday, May 12, 2014

When will he be here?

Every mother-to-be goes just about nuts wondering "When?". When will he be here? When is it time? when whEN WHEN! 

This baby boy is packing on an ounce a day, by the time he comes out he should be 8-9 pounds I think. Last night, I started getting PGP (pelvic girdle pain). It's where the attachments for the groin muscle become too lax and anytime you go to move (getting out of bed at night) those muscles give you shooting sharp stinging pain. I had it with Lauren for the last 8 weeks..THAT sucked. It just means you're preparing for labor plus the baby low and getting heavy. YAY. Just a week-ish left. 

I can't believe it. I'll be planning boy birthdays now. I've looked at tons upon tons of cakes thinking "Oh I wish I had someone to make that for.." Oh. Wait. I do! 

Two days until my mom-in-law gets here, and we will have a night out to eat before all the shenanigans get goin'. 

My baby boy...I can't wait to meet you. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today's Scoop


Today is Lolo's first field trip ever, to the puppet theater. She's so excited. She got to bring a lunch with her, it was so cute. Can't wait to hear all about when she gets home!

Taylor had been learning the high jump in gym class, and today is the Track and Field Day for the local schools. She was one of the three chosen from her class (top 3 selected) to compete in the event today. I'm so proud of her! She's changed so much over the last year or two..she's growing into a beautiful, strong, confident young woman. I'm just as excited as she is that she's going to be starting middle school. AND she's decided to join band. I played the sax from 3rd grade to 7th, loved it. I'm so happy/excited/proud that she decided to be brave and try something new! Her choices are of this order: flute, clarinet, and percussion/drums (she's never played ANY of those). The teacher will take all the enrollment forms, and decide who will play what instrument. I'm hoping for clarinet, but it obviously is up to the teacher and her. She also has the choice between spring soccer or track. She hasn't played soccer in a quite a few years, and with this high jump stuff..I think she's going to choose track. Now I will have a running partner. I told her once I was cleared to workout, she could start with me- but she will obviously be quicker lol. My motivation ;o)

So today it's just me and Harlow from the morning until 1 pm. Normally Lolo is gone from 12:30-3:45, so I've got some extra hours! I went and picked up an Americano from Starbucks, because no one was with me to say "Ooh ooo can I have something?! Can I get a.." the little mooches...lol

I think I should tackle a project today while I still have the energy. My closet...ugh.

On a side note, I think Jason has dropped a little. On Sunday I was feeling "funny", a little TMI stuff that you don't wanna know :o) but my belly dropped around 2 inches. Not all the way, but he's starting to descend! I called May 21st, CJ called May 23rd (due date is May 29th- but the other three came between 38w 5days and 39w 1day.) I just dilate too far, and they admit me. Once the water is popped, these babies have come faster and faster! With Harlow, between the water popping and her coming out was 25 minutes. I think I sat a full dilation for 20 of that, because the pain level never changed after the first 5 minutes. AND she came out in ONE contraction! At least I know that if my water popped at home (I would have to be pretty far dilated without realizing it) the hospital is only an 11 minute drive..but we would most likely call the ambulance- no accidents please! Let's just pray that this labor will be no different, and I leisurely drive to the hospital to be admitted just like with the others lol.

So that's the scoop for this week. 36 weeks and counting.