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Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015. All it's glory.

Winter 2014/2015
I feel different. I am different. I started 2015 one way, and ended as another. Amazing how the changes occur without notice. Without present awareness. It's in the aftermath that you (and others) take note of the change. Dare I say, my roots are digging deeper? Or shall I say, the window to my soul is opening for all to see? New chapters were closing, and new books began.

Spring 2015

-Jason left infant stage, and is now in toddler.

-Harlow left toddler, and is a preschooler.

-Lauren left crazy town, occasionally she visits. She has gained tremendous awareness and acceptance in everyday life. I had nothing to do with it. She's just "growing up".

-Taylor is now a teenager. She had a rough last year I guess I would say. Half is due to this being our "first" to go through this with. We are all learning.

-CJ has come into his own within his "new" career within the AF. Proud isn't a strong enough word.

-And myself. As the year went on, I brought myself "back out". Every time we have had a child, it is my world 24-7. Having the fourth put many things on the back burner. This blog for one. I know I'm not a hefty poster, but I share when I feel like it. Some people don't care to read every single one. It's just my way to have a conversation with y'all. That's it.

I went head on into the decorated cookies world! I don't know how to describe it. Can I say, it's me on a cookie?? My heart and soul into every single bite? My time, love, and creativity made into sugary goodness? Oh, and don't fret about "not wanting to eat this art", it's just a cookie for goodness sake. I'm still learning to accept complements. In every single order, I am picking it apart for "next time". I guess that's when you know you love what you do. 

also started 911! Drop-in Daycare. Basically, M-Fr you can drop off (msg ahead) your children for minimal cost to go do whatever you need to. I felt there was a need for this where I live. Not everyone has a 9-5 job. Sometimes it's a "fly by the end of your seat" kind. I'm happy to bless others with my flexible availability and care.

Now it's 2016.
Big year ahead. It's been awhile since we've had to do the "6 months" deal. Last time was in 2010. Only that was a year for him in South Korea. And not hostile territory. I found my big girl panties! Pulled them out of storage. Had some dust on them, just cleaned them up a bit, good as new! All joking aside, prayers and good wishes are definitely welcome. A phone call. A trip to visit. A home cooked meal. A skype/facetime always welcome. Coffee. Coffee is nice. Coffee is needed. Coffee.
There MAY be an S.O.S. signal at some point. All first responders will be notified promptly.

I want to take the time now, to apologize. There will come a time when I don't answer a phone call or text. There may come a time when I seem to take something personal when it's not meant that way. Over the course of 2015, I have taken a new look on life. Some things, just have nothing to do with me. Why stress over something that is out of my control? Or make a mole hill into a mountain? Nurturing relationships is more important to me than breaking it into pieces to inspect. Mean well, live well. That's my new motto. Oh, and "Say it with Sugar". My other favorite new motto :o)

So if you don't know, now you know.

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