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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The goodstuff

I look back, and I loved my childhood. Yeah, there was a divorce. Yeah, there was some moving. Yeah, I went to more schools and lived in more houses then my military brat husband. Through all of that, I was still able enjoy what life offered. I had the life of the country, and the life of the city at the same time. I had Mom's and Dad's side of the family all in one country town. Holidays were the best. Because we always spent it with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and a ton of cousins on both sides of the family, all in one day. Morning to midnight.Life is moving on, new babies, new houses, new food. But then again it's not, the love is still the same. Even though I don't live there anymore, going home is like coming home in my heart. And that is comfort to my soul.

Rolling down Grandma's hill
Sucking on honeysuckle
Catching fireflies
Hide and seek
Snow forts
Riding like the wind on my bike
Drive-in movies
Caramel corn
Grandma's noodles
Shotgun on a red moped
Running trails
Barbie car races down the driveway
Fishin at the pond
Cocker spaniels
Stuffed mushrooms
Riding in the trans AM
A trip to Hatterus Island
Yatzee at grandma's
Chicago Bulls
Ed Debevic's
Old man with a sailor's mouth...
The windy city
A dog that loved sheet music for a snack
Pepper my feathered dance partner
Nick at Night
"The Beast" @ Kings Island
Frostee Freeze
Riding the back roads at night with the windows down
WEBN labor day fireworks
Graeters Icecream
Skyline food
Daffodils along the walkway
Baseball with the boys
Julie's corn
Judy's cakes
Air hockey
Sega Genesis
The boogie man at the back fence...
Banging on the old piano
Swimming at Coney Island
Hey Dude
Dinner at Lake Manor
The Liberty Bell
The Smokey Mtns
Dad's hot fudge cake sundae's
Pizza burgers
Family fun center
A country Fair
Butterscotch candies in Grandpa's pocket
Julf's Park
Raquet ball
Michael Jackson, before he seemed Bad
The "Gingerbread House" at Christmas
4th of July at Hyde Park
Croquet in Great Uncle Sam's backyard

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