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Friday, July 5, 2013

Be that friend

I'm a pleaser. Middle child syndrome. Didn't want to get in trouble. Liked to be seen. When someone didn't like me, which all the way up to High School- it never was a problem, it crushed my heart. I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover. Can't we all just "be friends"? I wasn't truly apart of one "click". I talked to everyone. I still do that. I strike up a conversation where ever I am. Sometimes you are standing there longer then you thought you would be just off that one comment, but the moments you create in your life and theirs is a memory. I think to always be polite, keep the peace, make people happy. Guess that's the product of a divorced family. I let a lot of things brush off the shoulder, well after I've had my say and emotions about it. But the time frame between all of that is short. What can I do? Nothing. Ok, move on. Fight with my brother at noon, playing toys by 1. I just bounce back quick. Make people happy right? Doesn't always work. The feeling of someone hating you, or angry with you, just makes my skin crawl. The balloon deflated on the ground is a perfect example of how I feel when that happens. Doesn't happen often. But when it does, man..
The times I choose to do/say something selfish are not my fondest memories. I want to be that friend who never waivers. Sometimes I join the other side, and say what's on my mind to/about someone, usually after I've hit my max intake of CRAP. I'm not a garbage woman, so sometimes I feel I don't need to collect all your crap. The "nice" people in life get that a lot. People think it's ok to say whatever they want to you. Bring you down, knock you off the pedestal they seem to see you on. I'm sorry I'm a well adjusted person living a life I really love and that it bothers you. Is it weird when someone has good things happen to them, and that they are generally a good person?? NO! My gosh, be happy for the person-congratulate them for Pete's sake! And if you aren't happy with yours, don't you think this is the person to sit down and have a good conversation with? All right, I admit it. There was a rant in that paragraph. Blunt Love, I call it.

If you were that kid that joined in the banter of all that is cool in High School, I hope you stopped.

If you were that kid that joined in the banter of all that is cool in High School and is getting it retro pay, I feel for you. Just take a deep breath, and keep trying.

If you are the kid that received the banter of all that is cool in High School and are in HS, take a deep breath and remember you are a nice person. They don't matter in AHS (after high school). Walk away free.
That's why this phrase was created, "It's my Life". Because it is. You have to make all the right choices. You have to choose to walk away. You have to choose to keep your mouth shut. It all starts with you.  Do you want to be responsible for someone else's demise? Do you want to be the friend that stands up for someone? Do you want to be the friend that holds them after it? Living in the present does affects the future. Right now, choose to be that friend. Life, you only have one. Choose wisely.

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