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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer's OFFICIALLY here

Hot like the first sip of black coffee.
Hot like a nibble off a Chile pepper.
Hot like a lick of Sriracha sauce.

Hot like...Well you get the point. It's gettin' HOT out herrre! It seriously went from, "Oh I can stand 90 degrees" to a whopping 110. Which really isn't that NORMAL for here! Thought this summer wasn't going to be that bad. I think it's just JULY *crossing fingers. I think because of the heat, this weekend was slow in the baking biz. A couple things for friends. One being Summer's FAV dessert, strawberry short cake. Although I call mine "Not-So-Short Cake". Check that out!

It was seriously delicious. A cross between an angel food cake and pound cake. Not too heavy, not too light. Just right *sigh*. I will never make another kind. The strawberries were macerated in vanilla and sugar No water here! I don't roll that way- let the sugar do it's work!. Plus, don't forget the honorable mention here..the homemade whip cream. Store bought just can't touch that buddy. I don't care what you say. This served about around 30 people. Nice triangle slices with a small scoop of Kirkland vanilla ice cream. Looking at this picture, I think I can almost hear the angels singing. Wait for it... and there's the harp. Quick- look at the pic again. SEE?! I told you. Yeah, it's THAT good. Tonight is prep for a cookie cake for tomorrow. I love doing those, another SOOO good recipe. Gosh darn baking is fun!

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