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Friday, January 31, 2014

I am Mom, therefore I am a parrot

"SQWAWK! Do as I say!"
I am a parrot. Not in a past life. Now. I am a parrot. That is what I would tell someone who didn't have children and wanted to know what it is like to have kids. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not having to repeat questions or directions. These three kids- 11, 6, & 2. Guess who, at the moment, is best at listening? The 2 year old. She puts them ALL to shame. She's my people-pleaser. The comprehension is just astounding. The other day I was beading one of these: 

X O Bracelet

Daddy & his mini me

She very patiently was watching me and asking me "I wear it?" with a strand of beads in her hand. Yes, she asks for EVERYTHING. She doesn't just take and run like most kids. "Can I play phone? Have rink (drink)?" Well while I was focusing on my bracelet a tiny bag with small seed beads emptied all over herself, chair, and floor. "Oh nooo" she says. She slowly pinched beads off of her and placed them back in the bag..with out moving an inch. Most would jump up dumping them everywhere, but she knew not to. After she collected most, she got down to see the floor. She ran to the kitchen and pulled out the little dustpan and broom. Ran back and tried her best to sweep it all up. Seriously. She turned 2 December 7th. During all of this I just sat and watched with surprise, pride, and amazement. The older two have their moments causing me the same reaction, but as of late- Harlow takes the cake. 

Since the move from California to here, Lauren had a bad first 3 months. Everyday she was doing or saying something inconsiderate, rude, or mean things to just about everyone- but especially Harlow. You just have to stay on top of it. Which is easy and frustrating at the same time, because I am the one here 24/7. You know it's been a bad day when CJ walks in the door and I say "I'm off duty." Seems starting around Thanksgiving, Lauren got the memo. 

Tay Tay
Taylor, as usual, did fantastic with moving. This is her fourth elementary school and she's in fifth grade. Quickly made friends, and likes her school. I think Second Creek is my favorite too. Everything here is living up to my expectations, I called it before we left Cali. I will cry (ok so when do I not cry when moving? But there's always part of me that is excited for the new adventure ahead) and I will probably ugly cry when leaving here in 2017. But alas, that's the life of a typical military family. 

"Ricky , Lucy, & the Chickalatte's"
These chapters of life feel like they are endless, but then others went by way too fast. Some day, when they are all out if the house, I will look back and miss the piles of laundry, books strung across the floors, and the sticky gloops of "what is that?" on the kitchen table. But today, and tomorrow I will continue to "parrot", because I love them. 

Photos by Ashlee Purpura Photography (you can find her HERE)

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