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Monday, February 3, 2014

The food was better than the game.

So. We're not going to talk about the game. We opted to stay at home (thanks for the invites friends!) and watched "the game we're not going to talk about." What we will talk about is the FOOD. It's was Mexican theme for lunch and dinner. One new, and one a staple. One of our favorite meats is shredded beef. SUPER easy and versatile. You could use it for many things. Tacos, nachos, sandwiches, chimichangas, burritos...the list is just mouth watering.

Simple easy crockpot Mexican shredded beef

2 pounds of beef chuck roast
One can of beef consume
1/4-1/2 jar of pickled jalepenos 
1/4 cup of jalepeno liquid 
Garlic powder, onion powder, salt, black pepper, cumin, and fiesta fajita seasoning (order here). 
Place meat fat side up (if fat is on the side, disregard)
Pour can of consume and jalepeno juice over meat  
Drop jalepenos on top
Sprinkle your desired amount of seasonings listed. Use your nose, when it smells good- it'll taste good. 

Turn slow cooker on low for 6.5 hours, open and pull off fat. Shred in the crockpot, let it go another 30 mins. 

So easy, so good. Spread the word.

Today we made something new with it. Started with this recipe: 

It was pretty good, we did the insides completely different. I always wanted to make homemade chimi's, but I didn't want to drop it in the fryer. Faux fry it is. This was very easy, and light. The options are endless. The sauce was pretty good, but I have idea for where I will combine two recipes for a future meal. For the insides we did this:

Little bit of meat, a tablespoon or two of warmed jarred queso, and a healthy 4 finger pinch of Monterrey jack cheese. Our favorite queso to use for this was the 4 cheese Pace queso that they don't make anymore. It was delicious and thicker, and just...amazing. So we used Mission salsa con queso. It's thin, so don't use a lot. Next time I think I'm going omit it and use some cotija cheese inside for this particular white sauce recipe. When I use a red sauce, my recipe was a copycat of Chevy's queso burrito. I ALWAYS ask for shredded beef, because for some reason they serve it with ground beef. Ours was delicious...darn you Pace for denying the world of awesome 4 cheese queso..Rant over.

After baking, see how some had too much queso?
It was so nice to have something new, something different, and it turned out great. Whenever I find a recipe, I always adjust it to make it my own (what home cook doesn't?). Restaurant quality food doesn't have to be hard. This was seriously easy. Go ahead and make your weekly menus, but don't forget to leave a night for new recipes that (if you're nervous) someone has tried and raved about or that you found. Restaurants are a nice getaway from home, the dishes, and clean up. BUT when you make a meal that is as good (or better) then theirs..pat your back- heck I'll do it for you! It's almost like I'm having you over for dinner, which I would but for most of you...plane tickets aren't cheap anymore. So when you make something that I shared, I got clean-up ;0) 
Bon Appetite!

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