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Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's potty training day!!!

Lauren from the beginning has known what she wants and wants it NOW! Also knows exactly what she does and doesn't like, thats the story and she's sticking to it. She's all about comfort. Had to have really soft blankets, had to be rocked (up until 1 yr and 3 months), did not like pacifiers or bottles whatsoever from the beginning. So I knew she would probably continue this outlook on life and when it came to potty training it was either going to be heaven or hell. She has decided she wants to potty train starting yesterday. We spent the day at Kyleigh's (Sarah's) house and she is potty training ( a little over 2 yrs old). Lauren thought it was fun getting on the pot. I wasn't really letting her get naked for it, but we laughed and told her what Kyleigh was doing. It was fun and giggles. Today how ever, she woke almost dry! Maybe went once before waking. I grabbed her and darted to the pot. She actually let some go! Not a full "I'm peeing in the pot" but good enough for me! So we hit the major traffic hours.
8am waking up
12:45pm before nap
3:15pm after nap
random times she WANTED to get on the pot
7:45pm before bedtime
Anything else is BONUS!!

She went again REALLY good right after her nap and she was ACTIVELY trying to pee. She let quite a few drops go and she got off clapped and said "yay!!" I didn't have time tonight to go get the little 3 in 1 potty, but I did pick up training pants. I wanted to wait until we got to AZ in December, but she couldn't wait I guess. She's still in the "want to please mommy" phase so we will tread forward to victory!

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