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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My sister is getting married

Heather is getting married!
So here's the poop: Her fiancee's name is Joel, and he's a great guy. My sister is a cosmotogist and co-owns Kids fun cuts in Milford, Ohio. Really cute establishment. They met through her/his friends Jamie and Travis (that's a woman- Jaime). Heather used to be their roomate like 10 years ago or something.
Joel is a dentist. It really surprised us that he is a dentist, NO OFFENSE JOEL!Couldn't have asked the heavens for a better brother in law! I'm so happy for my sister, I cannot tell you how much because there is no way to measure the jubilation I feel. It seems the future spouse is always right under your nose, doesn't it? Was always right around the corner ( hint to my own,"How I met your father" story). And so now they are trying to figure out the wedding details.
To Vegas, or not to Vegas?

Right in good ol' rural southern Ohio?

Or on the beach in Destin, FL?

Who can make it when or where? So many questions so little time! (She said it'd be in 6-9 months..) but atleast she all ready knows what kind of dress she wants.

I know i'm way ahead of things, but i'm selfish and I cannot wait for my sister to have babies...

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  1. I am soooo happy that you have a blog. I love that your sister is getting married and to a dentist! I can't wait for you to fly in. When do you move? You are still moving here right?