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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Go Team Coles

I LOVE how Harlow's toddler bed came out! So as you can see, we changed some things. We added 6" to the height of the legs, made a nice paneled headboard, put thicker and less cross bars (sturdier IMO), made guard rails so that it didn't matter which side was against the wall, and then added a plank to the foot board so there wasn't a gap. So proud of CJ! I helped hold and hand stuff, directed how I wanted the changes, and was a second pair of eyes to check levels and straightness. Go Team Coles!!

Next we painted it a pretty white to go with the rest of the room. Harlow was so excited, every time she see's it she says "it's Harlow's? Mine." My little baby is starting to be too heavy for me to lift in to her crib, so I hope she really likes her new bed her Daddy and I made her! 
Panoramic of the beds and wall. Not done yet, I have a few things to make and pics to print and put in frames. I just love their room, fits Taylor and Harlow so perfectly. They are a ray of sunshine! I have a wrought iron white twin bed waiting in the wings for Harlow, so I went ahead and bought the coordinating bedding. So you see a pink twin size set on Harlow's bed there, I just folded the blanket under the mattress. She was sooo excited..until bedtime. She was in bed for around 25 minutes, came out- and when I told her to get back in bed..she cried. "I want my crrriiib". Daddy had to sing a couple songs and explain how everyone slept in big beds. That's all it took. 

I can't believe March is gone. Just *POOF*. Haven't gotten to other projects we wanted to get done, but we still have time. 

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