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Thursday, April 3, 2014

There's no switch

So for a month now we've been dealing with a stubborn, do what I want, sneaky 6 year girl. A month ago, Lauren was caught with the Nintendo DS in bed after lights out. I took it away, told her no electronics for the next day. Stuck with it all day that Friday, and that night I went to my Bunco group. This next part surprises me..

So I get a text from CJ at 9 o'clock.

CJ "You won't believe who I just caught doing something they weren't supposed to do" (I don't remember the exact text- but that's close)
ME "You've got to be kidding me.."
CJ "Nope"

SMH. Where was the DS you ask? In my room on MY dresser. So when CJ told her it was time for bed, she went up stairs and got the DS from our room. He thought, "you know what, I'm going to go check on everybody." Would you EVER as a child have gone in to your parents room to look for something that was taken from you? Me? NOOOOOO. Not unless I wanted to die from a lonely, secluded, boring, pathetic death in my bedroom from being grounded for 2 weeks. When I came home, we literally sat dumbfounded on the couch for a good 30 minutes. Just discussing as to how to proceed, and what thought process she must have had to complete her "mission". It's not like I left it in the loft/kitchen/her room. It was it the "you do not enter" domain. That sounded more serious then it really is lol. They can come in anytime...just not to secretly take things.

So this time she was "grounded" from electronics for quite a few days instead of just one. Did it work? For a bit..Then this past Sunday night, CJ went to her room to tell her again that it was bed time. While she was gathering what stuffed animal she wanted, he walked to her bed to "straighten" it and snuck his hand under her pillow...to pull out the DS that he suspected to be there. SOH (smack our heads). She just doesn't give up or get it. She had full intentions of playing on it after lights out, AGAIN. So we didn't say anything. Every day this week when she asked for specific electronics, I just answered no followed by because. It's now Thursday, and she finally noticed every day has been "no" and asked whhhhyyy??

Because my child who refuses to obey, you have not earned our trust back. So no you may not induldge like your sisters have been.
I'm just tired of letting it get me all riled up. Because this one- does. Maybe because she's like me..WAIT! who said that...CJ said she has "no switch". Doesn't know when she's pushing the boundaries, there's nothing in her mind warning her with loud flashing lights and sirens "YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT DO THIS." Maybe our punishment just didn't stick out in her mind? I mean she's 6, so we're not talking about 2 weeks here. BUT I did warn her that next time she was caught, she had to sell her pillow pets DS game. Technically..she wasn't caught, but she had intent. So we didn't do that. I sure as heck reminded her "what did I say will happen if you're caught again at night with it?" That got a big response :o) And hopefully remind her that she should be thankful for all that she has, that you have to obey the rules, and that we do not "have to" let you play every day on the things that were so generously given to you. They are a privilege. Here's hopping!

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