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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

3rd Trimester Blues

"What to Expect when Expecting"
The third trimester

During week 34 of pregnancy a baby boy's testicles start their downward journey from abdomen to scrotum (bon voyage!). A baby's noggin turns southward too, settling into a heads-down, bottom-up position. By week 36, you've got about a six-pounder in there, with fat continuing to accumulate (Look Mom, I'm gaining too!). Two weeks to go in week 38 as your baby sheds his vernix (the waxy substance that protects his skin from your amniotic fluid) and lanugo (the hairy coat that keeps him warm in there). All's pretty quiet through week 39, though you may find yourself waddling as your little bundle drops even lower in your pelvis. 

Belly Big..CHECK!
Getting Sleepy..CHECK!

They forgot to add, baby gets the hiccups like ALL THE TIME. I get a "tick" in my belly 2-3 times in 24 hours. It's super awesome when you get up in the night to use the bathroom to then lay down and can't sleep because SOMEBODY has the hiccups. I always disliked this time, you can't eat until you are full because he's getting bigger thus my "stomach" is getting less space. Which then gives you extreme heart burn. And then he gets the hiccups. 

We've always saved our baby stuff, even though being military doesn't really give you a lot of space to store. People may walk in and think, "There's a lot of stuff in here.." We just knew that in the long run..you save money by not having to replace things you sold/got rid of. Jason's going to use Lauren's baby bedding, with baseball decor splashed around. 

I'm not using the bumper, because SOMEBODY ripped 2-3 of the tie downs off.. I am not using the valances, mobile, or the square trio wall decor either. I need to get a lamp base, crib sheets, some kind of baseball mobile...I think. I have a cylinder clear vase that I'm displaying CJ's baseballs he's had since forever and a day ago. I got another sign from Hobby Lobby that has baseball stitching and says "Hey Batter Batter". I have a few other things I'd like to do, pics will come soon! I still can't believe I'm putting together a BOY ROOM. I guess I'll believe it when I see it ;o) I know we'll be an emotional wreck during delivery day. I can't imagine if we had stuck with "not finding out" what the big day would have been like... I'd probably keep checking his diaper to make sure "things" were still there lol. I'm sure every parent that has had multiple of one kind, suddenly gets the other kind knows how I'm feeling. It's just as exciting as having that first child all over again, plus he'll be our last. Bitter sweet. 

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