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Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm sorry, what did you say?

When our lives begin, we are learning something new everyday. Just because you haven't uttered a single word yet, does not mean you don't understand. It's always been funny to me when they do start to speak. Syllables just don't sound the same coming out of the munchkins little mouth. We started with the ABC's and 123's. Practicing sounds each alphabet letter makes. Not too hard, but not too easy to learn and remember. Once they have around 300-400 words learned, it just gets too funny. Many times the word is almost right when spoken. Maybe an extra letter or two in there, or missed some. Taylor had a habit of mixing words. She knows what an astronaut is, and what olive garden is. Put them together and she called a food place, "restaurnaut." Still to this day she will slip and say it. But she corrects herself now. Another funny one is cum-cue-mer= cucumber.
There was one that drove me mad. It took her a year or so to say it right. I heard Y's and L's might get mixed up. So the word was Yellow. She said "Lillow." Here's how it would go down:
MOMMY: Say yellow Taylor.
TAYLOR: Lillow.
MOMMY: OK. Yell. O
TAYLOR: Yell. O.
MOMMY: Very good Tay Tay, say it a little faster now. Yellow.
TAYLOR: Yell. O. Lillow. LILLOW I said it!
MOMMY: *sigh* Yep great job. We'll try again tomorrow.
You spend so much time with your children that you totally understand "their" English. But sometimes I find myself wondering, "What language are you speaking??"
TAYLOR: B's a later gator
VISITOR (FAMILY): Huh? I heard gator, is she calling me a gator? I don't get it...
ME: No. It's: see you later gator.
Lauren speaks more words then Taylor did at this age. I'd say she's 6-12 months ahead of her. Pretty much complete sentences around 7-10 words. Understands, "have this first, then you can have a bite of that." She also has a knack for making up words more then Taylor did. Jasmine, our dog, has now inherited many nicknames. One of the popular ones is "Ya Ya." Lauren gave her that one. Her new one of the week is just, well it's foreign. She picks up a coin and says, "look mom I find a toints." Toints? Like points with a T? I marvel at her amount of knowledge, then I get one of those in the mix. I love the uncertainty of what will she say next. All I said to her was,

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