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Monday, May 17, 2010

Moments that make you laugh..

I love to laugh. I laugh at a lot of things. I have this terrible problem of laughing at someone when they get hurt. Well not always, I exclude extreme accidents from that list. I have a list of favorites that will always make me bust into a million giggles and gasping for breath! Some may just be a "you had to be there" kind of funny, but others will make you laugh too.

High school was funny. I had a couple of really goofy, uncoordinated friends. Just crazy stuff always happened to them! One of my good girlfriends she was coordinated,but it was a laugh factory together. These were the funniest. I had stayed the night one night in the summer at her mom and dads house. It was almost 11 pm and we were headed in the house. There were absolutely NO LIGHTS on outside. The house was kind of out from town, so they had a nice big front yard. We had to walk through that in the dark. Now back in the late 90's there were these shoes for girls called "moon shoes" or something like that. They were made of I don't know hard foam? The sole was about 3-4 inches thick from toe to heel with two wide straps across the top of the foot. My friend was wearing them on our lucky night tonight. We were all ready laughing about something. I can't even remember what. She was through the gate first, we're laughing and talking, and about four feet into the yard she went from standing to laying flat on the ground face down in 2 seconds flat! Her moon shoe hit a crater hee hee... Every joint from her feet to her head went down in order hitting the ground..For me, standing behind her, it was like watching a movie on the big screen. With front row seats. We were laughing so hard we were snorting like piggies, gasping for air. Her body was convulsing on the ground from silent laughing and snorting, and I was blind from the tears falling down my face! I can't believe we even made it to the door. We couldn't even repeat the story for days, because we'd be on the ground laughing. All we could say was "you just had to be there!"

This other time together was pretty funny too. We went to visit another friend. I drove my moms ford taurus. When we pulled up to the friend's apartment the window was open with her head sticking out. We rolled the windows down when we parked, and were yelling up to her. Well after a few minutes we said we were coming up. At this time, my friend had really long hair, like halfway down her back long by the way. I then proceeded to roll up the windows, without looking at my friend, and rolled her hair up in the window! We were (again) laughing and snorting so hard that neither one of us could roll down the window! We were paralyzed by laughter...I'd like to point out that her hair was not harmed in the process ;)
In dance class, there was always something funny happening. I mean, you are learning to do all sorts of turns, leaps, steps and sometimes gravity just isn't on your side. We've all fallen on our you know what's. But this one takes the cake. We'd stretch then do our combinations. Ms. Dana had us doing double turns, pique's, and all sorts of leaps across the floor every single day. This day we were doing a lot of making fun of, and talking during floor work. My friend was busy chatting and showing off during her leaps across the floor that she didn't realize how close she was to the other side. She leaped into the wall. How you ask? One foot slammed in between the double bars on the wall and she fell to her derriere!!! Even Ms. Dana was laughing (which was hard to do) while trying to ask her if she was OK...Good times.

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