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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who's that lady with her shorts inside out?!

Exhaustion ex·haus·tion n.

1.The inability to respond to stimuli; extreme fatigue.

2.The act or an instance of using up a supply of something.

3. Completely zoned out while the children run amok.

4. I have children?? I didn't even remember...

Here's a true story. It was a busy day at the Coles's residence one Tuesday afternoon. The year was 2008. That was the year that CJ was gone to Iraq. During deployments I spent a lot of time with my best friends Sarah and JT. I usually was pretty exhausted. I was breastfeeding Lauren still, and Taylor was in school for her first year. Sarah and I had started running together. All that equals exhausted! So here's what happened:

Today however started good, but turned embarrassing. It was a whirlwind to get ready to go. JT was at work, and Sarah and I were running errands together. She was a little revved up. I think it was a family issue (don't we all have that?) This time it was her sister, and who she (I mean we, I put things in the box also to give to her for the baby) was sending a box off to in Vegas. And I had a package to send to CJ in Iraq. Two babies in the back seat, two boxes ready to go to the post office, and two busy ladies. I had gone to the Hospital for an appointment (I think. The memory is a little fuzzy. I just remember, "Lady at the Hospital didn't say anything to me"). No funny looks, no words of advise...So now you are wondering what the problem was? My light tan shorts were INSIDE OUT! Tag sticking out the top of my crack, and no one said a word. Must be because no one looks at my butt anymore, you say? Well my retort is, "it's too big to miss ;)" My dear friend noticed. Thank you Sarah for saving me from future humiliation. That's what friends are for right? Well technically she was laughing. So my totally accidental day was hilarious to her. Happy to put a smile on your face Sarah. This was a prime example of what can happen to you! If you are exhausted you will probably do one of the following top 10:
  1. Put your shorts on inside out.
  2. Place your keys in your freezer.
  3. Put the frozen food in the pantry.
  4. Forget that you hadn't taken a shower yet and it was 3 pm.
  5. Or worse, forgot to brush your teeth! You gave that nice checkout lady @ the store a big cheesy smile when you left didn't you?
  6. Keep saying sentences that do not make sense. "Go to your bedroom and get on the pot, then go to the bathroom and make your bed and get your backpack."
  7. Didn't hear your child wakeup. Caught ear to her ripping open a birthday present for friend while she was sitting on the pot. What girl doesn't love Mulan?
  8. Falling asleep by 7:30 when the kids go to bed.
  9. Dream of vacation with a hunky celebrity.
  10. When you kids start to ask you, "what's that on your face?"

So moral of this story is to take your vitamins, put time aside everyday just for you, find a great babysitter, get a library card to check out books (feed your mind, and the rest will follow!) and get 8 hours of sleep a night. With that in mind, goodnight y'all!

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