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Thursday, February 20, 2014

12 Months to a Year

Everyone owns a calendar of some sort. Whether you made it, photo shopped it, bought it with animals or flowers..everyone owns one. Every month has something to offer. Let's start with our current month:
It's sweet because Valentines Day is a day, in my opinion, to CELEBRATE your love for the people in your life. It's not to prove your love, but just a fun day to make someone feel special. The glory of it is, not every year has to be over the top. They know you love them, but every once in a while it's nice to knock them off their socks.
March and April.
Their celebrations and time off are different every year. St. Patty's Day, Spring break, and Easter. I like it when it's separated. This year the girls have spring break in March, but yet Easter is towards the end of April. I like it that way. This years spring break will be spent playing musical chairs with the kids bedrooms so that Jason's nursery can get put together. Oldest and youngest girls will share, do to personality compatibility. Where the middle girl will have a room to herself for a while. Easter is always fun. I love getting the girls nice dresses, going to church, delicious meal...but- we clash on Easter baskets all of a sudden. My thoughts: ALL their birthdays are are three weeks apart at the END of the year. We try not to buy a lot of toys and stuff in general. Special occasions omitted, and I like the Easter Bunny to put "something" in each basket. Less candy is my reasoning..His thoughts: all I got was candy. Valentines Day, Easter..that's it. Candy. Also, with three girls...we are up to our limit on stuffed animals. I have ideas for this year, we'll see how it goes.
The month of margaritas, flowers, and  final report cards. Cinco de Mayo..mmm mmm GOOD food! Then Mother's Day. I "think" it's my day off...not sure on that one ;o) I can't count how many Mother's Days I've spent with him gone. Friends and family have always been so nice and loving on that day when he's not here. Last year, our sweet friends Adam and Andrea treated me and the girls to lunch at Club Muroc (Edwards afb). That meant so much to me. Of course I paid them back with cupcakes!
Summer time and the living is easy..
CJ's birthday and Father's Day. Just like last month, we've spent quite a few of those apart too. As the kids get older, we are trying to make the ones when he's home more special. Two years ago, he was ambushed by silly string wielding girls. What to plan this year...
The hottest month of the year, and our anniversary is July 5th.  We got married in Arizona, and It. Was. Sweltering. I LOVE July. Fireworks, BBQ, Anniversary Cake, swimming, shopping, family time, and...MY BIRTHDAY!! "Christmas in July" I could care less about WHAT I get as long as there's cake. And I'm not picky. I don't "do" traditional cake, so every year I love it to be different. Last year, some of my closest friends at Edwards came with me to a Warner Brother tour in Burbank, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and sweet Kimmi made my lemon raspberry cake. For the love of all that is sugary, it was delicious! I had a blast. Memories like that make life all the better. Miss you beaches ;o)
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! It's back to school..
New back packs, supplies, and friends. Prepping for college football season, GO GATORS, and putting my house back together after 2 or so months of every day being Saturday. This month isn't too bad. Not any major holidays. But I've always liked August. It's the calm before the storm..
In Cincinnati, Ohio Labor day weekend is soooo fun. WEBN fireworks are a must! If you've never been, and do travel there for family and what not- GO! Best fireworks show you will see. The family that runs it have been doing it for over 50 years. They plan all year for it. It's on the river between two bridges. GOOGLE IT. I want to take the kids when all of them are old enough to enjoy it. Maybe in 4-5 years we will come specifically over that weekend. I get sad that weekend every year, because I know what I'm missing. September is also "finalize your Halloween costume ideas". Have to be ready. It's the time to put out fall decor, plan scrumptious meals and treats.
How I love thee. It is my favorite month. In Ohio, the leaves turn. In Arizona/California, it's the start of nice cooler weather. Halloween.. So fun for the kids, and I just LOVE fall and Halloween decor. It's apple this, pumpkin that. Orange. I love the color orange. So happy and bright. So fire up the crock pots, bake a pie or two, and head to the pumpkin patch but grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte before the festivities!
Taylor and Lauren's birthdays (3 days apart..same due date!) plus Thanksgiving. Cakes, food, games, family time fun. I spend most of last month and this month thinking and looking for new things to make for this holiday. I love tradition, but I also love the tradition of making one thing new. And it's more like Thanksgiving "weekend" then Day. You always have leftover turkey or ham, so if there was a side or two I wanted to make but didn't on the main day..thus born the 2nd Thanksgiving. Half the work is all ready done for you! And gosh darn it, I'm tired of making what every body else wants to have. If I want something with mushrooms- then I'm gonna make it! So, at the Coles house- we have a 2nd Thanksgiving because the food it just so delicious! One of my favorite Thanksgivings as a married adult was back in 2009. We were at Eglin in Florida and as usual we had Thanksgiving with our best friends Sarah and JT. JT did his traditional cajun fried turkey, and we did pulled pork bbq and the fixin's. We had soooo much food...lots of people from his shop came by. Just a good ol' southern Thanksgiving. THAT was my favorite past time Thanksgiving.
Harlow's Birthday and Christmas. I tell you what. Having three kids at the end of the year plus CHRISTMAS is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. It sure is a happy time of year. Holiday baking, the lights and tree, planning surprises galore. Making traditions of our own, crafts, and parties. Busy, but fun. And they love it all.

Then we're back to January. The "IhaveNOspecialGardenFlagNorHolidayI'msoLame" month. I have nothing nice to say about you mister. The month of January means nothing to me. There's no fun fancy holidays, there's always of course someones birthday, but other then that..I could do without the month of January on the calendar. For us- we are packing away pretty decorations, and awaiting to file our tax return. So exciting right? I found no garden flag for January. Home and garden must have thought it sucked too.

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