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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Dad & his daughters

This week was such a pain. Sub zero temps plus we all caught an air born head cold. Just run down, little snot, low fevers, slightly achy, and a cough. "Taylor started it."  Haha...then it was Harlow (barely sick), then Lauren and me, and now CJ. Totally screwed our plans. Tonight is the "Daddy Daughter Dance" at the first school the girls have attended that offered one. And we're all sick. Poor Lauren is going to have a fit when I tell her she (and Daddy) is too sick to go. BUT. We'll be here for about 3 more years, there will be more. We just hate having to break her little heart. It's all she talked about this week. She even had a dress in mind to go buy. 

We were just talking last night about making it up to Lauren (Taylor wasn't too excited because it's called a "Dance" which she says she doesn't do. Like father, like daughter..) Guess Dad is gonna have to take her on a "date." This is from a category of stuff I think he should do, but hasn't thought about doing. Three girls, they need to be shown how they should be treated. Flowers on their birthdays, dinner out- just them, and eventually maybe a concert when they're old enough. Those are things that build a good relationship, and set the mental picture of how men should court and treat a woman he cares about.
Did your Dad take you on "date's"? Mine didn't, but that's not his style. Our style was to see movies, watch tv, go to sport events, amusement parks. We did stuff, plenty of fun stuff. Where ever Dad went, I wanted to go. Who ever he talked to, I wanted to know their names and how he knew them. Dad knows a lot of people, so it wasn't like I would see that random person again. It would be later, but I'd most likely remember one thing about them: who (they are), where (I saw them), or why (my Dad knows them). What I learned from that is, a man should be an open book about the people he knows and/or surrounds himself with. Just live life, and not hide you (or the relationship) away. If neither one of you are an open book, then you'll only be a paragraph in each others book instead of being the main character of the book itself. 

CJ is in a career where he knows a lot of people too. Although the girls aren't with him at work or too many functions, they ask about the same kind of questions I would have asked my Dad. I find it funny. It makes me think...what would it be like to have your husband as a Dad? I think I'd be damn lucky. Guess that means I picked a great guy..

~The Lumineers

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