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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Every mom cherishes nap time. It's the one time of day where you can literally sit and do nothing but what YOU want to do. Some days I do chores that wouldn't get done if I sat down, but mostly that is "me" time. If I worked out, it's my shower and relax time. If I wanted to eat a lunch that I didn't want mooched, then I savor it with one of my DVR shows. Those are my top two favs. Since Pinterest came along, I've pinned quite a bit. Nap time is a great time to look for recipes, DIY ideas, cleaning tips...you name it- they got it. Those E-cards that make fun of it all cracks me up, because to a certain point...they ARE true. 

I don't bother to make a cup in the morning anymore. Too much to do, and I won't finish drinking it until 3 pm after reheating it 5 times.


Every pinners dilemma. 

Even if she doesn't sleep, at least she will continue "quiet time" safely in her crib. First kid, you're so excited to get them in to a big bed, twin bed at 2 years old. Second kid, you're half and half. She's crazy so you want to keep her in it as long as possible...but she's crazy..she won't physically stay in the crib. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Third kid, keep her in as long as possible, because second kid is still fresh in the mind. Plus..lets face it. This third kid does as she's told (so far), so I will keep her in the crib as long as I can. Well..until second and third need to share because here comes #4. 

On the agenda:
DIY crates
Copy cat Starbucks Lemon Loaf

DIY Salt Dough Eggs for Easter Tree

There's just a few that will definitely get done in the next month. Don't you wish there were more time in the day, more days in the week, and more naps? Oh wishing tree, where art thou? I've always wanted to be the mom that does cool crafts with the kids (the kind that will hold up over time), but I'm hit or miss. Just have to remember to TAKE THE TIME, not wait for the time. There may not always be "nap time", but eventually..they do require sleep. Have your kids asked you "What do you and Dad do after we go to sleep"? That's a loaded question..HA! We watch TV, and peck around on our cell phones...AND SO DO YOU!! LOL

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