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Sunday, February 16, 2014

13ish weeks

So many things to do. And he'll be here in roughly 13 weeks. Yesterday, we had a day out and about. Had IHOP for breakfast, which we hadn't had in YEARS! Then we bought a leather rocking recliner for Jason's room. I have never been so excited about a furniture purchase lol! It's in the loft right now, awaiting Lauren to vacate his room. It must be good since I fell asleep in it while testing it out. Can't wait to clock some time rocking my baby.. 

I took a 2 1/2 hour nap, had to collect some more zzz's because I only clocked 5 hours the night before. I was taking my time making these beauties for a sweet new friends daughter who was turning 4. 
So cute right? It was a Sofia the First royal birthday party. They look dark (it was after midnight by the time I finished) but once they dried the purple lightened a lot. So many ideas for decorative cookies floating around this brain..

After our nice naps, this belly decided he wanted pizza (what boy doesn't??). No delivery here, we went out to a pizza place by base. A little mom and pop shop. Everyone liked it, and that doesn't always happen. 

I don't get down to the base area very often, since we live 30 minutes north of it. It's been YEARS since I've lived near a Hobby Lobby..this home decor junkie was itching to walk the isles. So after dinner we went to it. I love all their wall decor, signs, mirrors..lucky me all that was half off yesterday :o) so we bought these: 
I picked out "Hey Batter Batter", and CJ picked the other saying he liked it better. So I put both in the cart, to which he replied "both?" 


He doesn't argue with a mom-to-be of her first boy. 

Projects aplenty in the Coles house, stay tuned for pics! 

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